segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

Desafio 30 dias - Junho

Aqui está a minha primeira página, feita para o desafio da YMBD.

Here it's my first page, made for YMBD challenge. The pictures are: on top, my bowl off cereals. The middle one my father's birthday cake. The one in the bottom is a picture off my father (he was making funny faces to my 5 year old nephew...)
(with english translation!!)

8:30 - I had breakfeast, just like a zombie!!
9:00 - Went to another day at work.
17:00 - Job finished and I went home!
20:00 - Went to Termas with my sister Paula to pick up my Dad's birthday cake.
21:00 - Had dinner. It's becoming a habit to have dinner after 8:30.
21:40 - Family came so that we could sing "Happy birthday".
22:40 - Watched another episode of ER.
23:50 - Finally went to bed.

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